Dear Parents/Student,

I thank you for choosing our institute SARASWTI MATHS POINT. By doing so you are putting your child on the right track under the guidance of highly qualified experienced and dedicated faculty of our institute.

I promise you to have value for your money.

I find that in today’s society with changing values and many social and emotional pressures, the family is losing its cohesive characters. Therefore my duty is to treat students with utmost care and attention. I think that TEEN AGE is ripe enough to mold the child’s mind perfectly as the teacher desire or dream fit.

I give exposer that the pupils get wide spectrum of knowledge through the SMART CLASS.

I am further responsible towards children to grow up with moral and social values, and become informed citizen in future, who are fully capable to shoulder duties along with enjoining their rights.

Please follow the RULES & REGULATIONS of our Institute.

Yours sincerely


Anil Ahuja


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